Hello, I'm Tim Spangberg.

I teach private guitar lessons to students of all ages at my home studio in South San Jose. I'm not a traditional guitar teacher. I meet you where you're at musically and find the most effective way for you to learn (visual, auditory, reading sheet music or reading tablature notation). My goal is to take my students' skills and love of music to the next level.

I believe learning an instrument should be fun - even while you learn to play. Most of the material in the beginner music books that are so prevalent in music stores have songs that most people under the age of 40+ have never heard of, let alone have any desire to play.  In most cases, progress through relevance will be experienced quickly by learning songs you enjoy and have heard before and soon will enjoy playing!  And, by the way, learning how to read music is not a requirement to do this.


Learn to play the acoustic guitar or electric guitar. You won't be stuck learning one or two styles of music. You'll have the freedom to explore pop, rock, Christian worship, classic rock, hard rock, classic metal, classical, and folk music - even Christmas music. 

I've enjoyed playing the guitar for 24 years. I have a passion for music that rubs off on all my students. Take a look at a video of one of my performances for the San Jose Guitar Center King of the Blues Competition. You'll get a sense of my skills and passion for music.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you have.

Thank you for visiting my web site!

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